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Rob Klein

What years did you attend JFS?

I attended JFS from 1980-1989


When did you graduate from JFS?



What is your favorite memory from JFS?

Ha. So many of them. The one thing I still joke about are the blue notes. Do they still use those?

Did you have a favorite teacher? 

They were all great!

.What was your favorite class at JFS? Why?  

Honestly, I liked all the classes. We lucked out with excellent teachers

Where do you live now? 

White Plains, NY

Tell us a little about your family.

I am married with two boys, 9 and 10-year-old Irish twins, who attend a day school with a similar hashkafa as JFS. My wife, Elana, is a speech therapist.

Where did you continue on your educational journey after JFS?

After I graduated, I spent 2 years at JEC in Elizabeth, NJ,  and 2 years at Susan E. Wagner High School.

Can you tell us about your current career?

I am a self-employed consultant who focuses on planning for retiree health costs. Specifically, ways to keep your Medicare premiums down, keep more of your Social Security check, and how protect against the expenses of home care or nursing care.